Saturday, May 9, 2015

Inbox Dollars $5 Signup Bonus -- A Classic Site With High Earning Potential Paying via Reloadable Visa or Check

Inbox Dollars has been featured by Good Morning America. They've been online for years and they have a high earning potential. They also pay quickly with their own Inbox Dollars Reloadable Visa or via Check. They're a top and leading industry site for good reason and they're here to stay! 

Thinking back to 2008, I remember joining Inbox Dollars to earn checks and it was one of the first rewards sites that I signed up for online. It wasn't long before I had completed enough surveys and offers and a check had arrived in the mail. The thing that sticks with me to this day is that Inbox Dollars is different from many of the other "GPT" or get paid to sites that are currently online. They have a solid earning potential and the offers pay decent rewards for your participation.

There are many ways to earn at Inbox Dollars and you can earn from completing paid surveys, trials, free offers, reading emails, and more. Aside from the solid earnings, they offer a new payment option that is excellent. They pay via their own Inbox Dollars Reloadable Visa Card and also by check, as they have for many years. You first payment is processed within 10-16 days and after your first payout, you will be upgraded to a gold membership. As a gold member, the payments are sped up and you will be paid on a weekly schedule -- see the Inbox Dollars site for details.

In addition to more traditional ways to earn, you can also get paid to shop, watch online videos, play games, and more. I've just rejoined their site but have good memories and look forward to becoming an upgraded gold member. I hope you enjoy Inbox Dollars and find their site and the array of offerings worthwhile.

Join eBates -- Earn Cash Back For Shopping Online at Top Stores and Get Paid Your Earnings by Check or PayPal

eBates is a leading cashback shopping site that allows you to earn cash back when you shop online and get paid by PayPal. If you've shopped online like most folks and you haven't used a site like eBates, you have missed out on cash back rewards that are automatically tracked and then paid back to you.

Join eBates and earn cash back when you shop. eBates is an online cash back shopping mall that allows you to receive a percentage of your purchase back when you shop at online retailers. Have you ever made a purchase on eBay? Bought electronics online at Best Buy? Or booked an airplane ticket with Priceline? There are countless online retailers that participate and if you add up the cash back lost, it can be significant.

Leading online retailers partner with eBates and offer a percentage back to encourage online shopping. Payments are made quarterly four times a year. You can receive your eBates cash back payment by Check or PayPal and you can even send it to a family member or charitable organization. eBates also has an a great referral program for promoters -- see their site for additional details.

If you're interested in a site that pays monthly with a low $1 minimum to request payout for your cashback shopping, check out our post on another cashback shopping site favorite called Main Street Shares.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Swagbucks Signup Bonus -- Join Swagbucks and Earn Free Gift Cards Online For Simple Tasks and Offers

From funds for a cruise to Amazon money, Swagbucks offers a diverse number of gift card rewards in their online gift card store. You can earn easily from your home and often for things that you might already do while you are online. 

Swagbucks is a rewards site that allows you to build points in your account and then redeem your points for gift cards. They offer an array of gift card options and you can request a $3 Amazon gift card with just 300 points in your account. When you signup through the link listed on this site, you will also receive a 150 Swagbuck point bonus.

With Swagbucks you can earn while completing a variety of tasks and offers. Get paid to search the web, watch videos, shop online, play games, and more. The points are simple and easy to earn and there's also the chance to enter promo codes for added points. You can also refer friends and new members and not only will they receive a signup bonus but you will earn a share of the points they earn as well. Check out our review on earning free gift cards with Swagbucks for more information.

Netspend Promotion Code -- $20 Account Bonus With Referral Link When You Load Funds To Your New Account

Netspend is a great prepaid debit card service that allows you to use your debit card wherever that Visa debit is accepted. There's no credit checks, no denials, and very fortunately, there's also no debt. 

Receive direct deposits. Add money to a Netspend Visa card to use online or around town. Transfer funds to friends. Netspend is a great prepaid card option that allows you to add money via a bank account or at retail locations across the United States.

A few years ago I needed a hotel and was able to add funds at the register at a 7/11 and Netspend was convenient and easy to use. Netspend opens up the power of of a Visa debit card and right now there is a $20 referral bonus with the promo code listed here.

Here's three easy steps you need to complete to setup your card and earn the $20 bonus:

1. Signup using this Netspend Referral Code Promotion link and you will receive your card in a few days. If asked for a promo code use code 2565525892
2. Activate your card.  
3. Add $40 or more to your account through your bank account, at a retail location, or through a direct deposit and your bonus will be added!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Cash4books -- Sell Used Books Online and Turn Your Books Into PayPal Money

Do you have old books or texbooks at your home that you no longer use? With Cash4Books, you can easily turn old books into a PayPal payment sent to your account and convert books into a financial resource. From one book to many, Cash4Books is reputable and will quickly and easily help you sell your books online.

A friend was recently moving abroad and was short on funds needed for the trip and I suggested selling books with Cash4books. He was a former student and had many textbooks that had never been sold -- his collection was worth over $400! Selling these old books helped get him the funds he needed by converting books he no longer used into funds for his trip abroad.  

While people often know that it is possible to sell used books, it can be a hassle and local bookstores often will buy your books for only pennies on a dollar. With Cash4books the process simple and easy. They send fast PayPal payments to your account and after looking up your books, they give an easy quote for each. You can also print a prepaid shipping label to use to send off your books. All you need is an old box!

Sell textbooks online at

Sunday, May 3, 2015

EasyHits4u Traffic Exchange Review -- Surf Websites and Earn Free Traffic, Prizes, Cash, and More

If you’re looking for the best traffic exchange online, look no further than the top traffic exchange EasyHits4u. The site is a powerful hub of activity for website promoters and is a great community of people earning money online. The site allows you to view ads online and earn traffic and visibility for your sites, links banners, text ads, and more.  

There’s a few highlights that make EasyHits4u a great place to make sales, get referrals, and earn cash. While there are many traffic exchanges online, there are no other sites that match the offerings and activity of EasyHits4u.

  1. Referral Program -- EasyHits4u has a generous referral program that allows you to build a true downline and earn from 5 levels of referrals. They also offer a $0.10 bonus after a referral surfs 100 sites. There’s a $3 cashout minimum and they pay via PayPal.
  2. Access to Promoters & Earners -- If you’re promoting a referral link or site, EasyHits4u is an active community of individuals looking to earn online and learn about new opportunities. If you’re looking to connect with others interested in making money online, you will have come to the right place.
  3. Great Script -- Of the many traffic exchange sites online, EasyHits4u has an awesome script that is clean and efficient -- it will enhance your experience and productivity!
  4. Upgrades -- They have upgrades that come with traffic bonuses, a quicker timer time to click through ads, enhanced referral earnings, and tools such as a splash page builder and link rotator.
  5. Surf Bonuses -- Every time you have surfed another 25 websites, you will open up another bonus page and be able to receive things such as cash, traffic credits, banner impressions and more!

At EasyHits4u there are several options to promote your site including text ads, banner ads, traffic, and their community. You can connect with other members and then share programs through their private messaging system. In sum, EasyHits4u is a gathering place and from those looking to earn to promoters, a great place to connect with others in the online community.

SwagBucks Review -- Earn Amazon Gift Cards and More & Get Paid Free Rewards Online

With the refer a friend program and Swagbucks signup bonus, you will earn 150 Swagbucks upon signing up with the link posted in this article. A $3 Amazon Gift Card can be redeemed with 300 Swagbucks in your account. Swagbucks is a great way to earn rewards online and I hope you enjoy this site and great place to earn gift cards!

SwagBucks is a top site that has been online for many years. They offer gift card rewards for things you might already do such as searching for websites. You can also earn from watching videos, referring other members, completing paid surveys, playing games, and more.

The tasks they offer and easy to complete and the site has a wonderful online interface. They pay their gift cards within 10 days of requesting your reward. One nice thing about the site is that you only need to earn $3 before requesting an Amazon gift card and they offer a wide range of gift card redemption options.

In addition to paid surveys, they offer daily polls that you can answer and earn points. There’s also a cashback shopping portal similar to Main Street Shares that allows you to earn cash back for the shopping that you already do. Finally, I was excited to see that there was 30 Swagbucks in my account upon signing up -- a great signup bonus. Join Swagbucks and you will find many earning opportunities and another way to earn online.